Monday 24 January 2011

Communicating to councillor

'The Economic Downtown has, and is about to; hit Plymouth hard, as the South West’s Premier service city, the largest in Devon and a ‘focus point’ for employment and service our great maritime city is poised to receive £256,040 from central government in order to build ‘green technology’.

This grant, during the current time of coalition cuts and is a welcome addition to this proud cities ‘green’ portfolio, we already have adopted a ‘green agenda’ that has seen Plymouth gain one of the lowest carbon footprints of the UK at 1,410,000CO2; with a reduction of the cities per-capita carbon footprint reduced from 6.0t CO2 in 2005 to 5.5t CO2 in 2008 – a drop of 8.4% against a target of 6.9%. 

As part of the Low Carbon Framework (LCF) The council is currently looking into further carbon (and cost) saving measures; including, but not limited to: the completion of a substantial desk study, the use of carbon scenario planning (i.e. potential for flooding and an alteration in the climate), a focus on the skills this city can offer and generate to create a low carbon economy – utilising both the public, business and community sectors we represent. These sectors will be involved in a variety of events that highlight Plymouth’s important involvement in maritime climate change; including the Scott 100 celebrations, ice sculptures (subject to fiscal evaluation), polar ‘fun days’ and a variety of interactive workshops and seminars. 

Plymouth’s requirement to provide 30,000 new jobs by 2020 and the involvement of the LCF are intimately linked, building on the achievements this great city has already performed and introducing fresh, new and sustainable businesses into Plymouth and South Hams.  The council has already released a press statement documenting its stance on climate change and the risks which Plymouth will face in a warming world.
I look forward to taking your questions.'

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